Isomass Ltd supplies acoustic, architectural and domestic soundproofing systems accepted under Approved Document E of the building Regulations. Acoustic, domestic and architectural soundproofing solutions are available for all deck, cradle, screed, walls and ceiling applications. Isomass Ltd’s expertise covers all areas of architectural, acoustic and domestic soundproofing standards for insulation of rooms for residential purposes.

It is important to understand that sound transmission in buildings results from both airborne and impact noise sources. Airborne sound is generated from sources such as Radio or Tv and travels through the air into the fabric of a building. Impact sound is the result of mechanically exciting the fabric of the structure with events such as footfall or the moving of a chair. The acoustic isolation of any adjoining structure can be compromised by ‘flanking’. Flanking noise occurs where there is an alternative path that sound can use to bypass an insulating element, this could be due to mechanical bridging or hidden cavaties, such as poor mortar joints or inadequate drylining.

One of the most common causes for a reduction in sound insulation performance are flanking paths and these must be identified and dealt with before an effective sound insulation solution is adopted. Isomass Ltd has the expertise to identify and provide solutions for such situations.

Free site inspections to further enhance the Isomass offer to architect, developer or builder we will conduct a site survey to ensure all aspects of the partyfloor have been considered for the best acoustic performance and provide a written PI (professional indemnity insurance) backed specification.

Sts provide me with all my insulation, but I really benefit from their technical department with all the calculations and data sheets they provide.

- Jon (Stoke)